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Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions that will be applicable to you once you have booked your stay at The Tower.  We have tried to keep them straightforward and fair and they would need to be accepted upon booking your reservation. If there is anything from the terms and conditions that you would like to discuss then please email us at

  • When payment is received and a booking confirmation is issued showing the confirmed holiday dates, a contract between you and the owner will come into existence. The contract is binding for you and your other guest and it is your responsibility to ensure that the other guest you arrive with also accepts the terms of the contract set out in the terms and conditions of your booking. If the terms and conditions are broken this may lead to the termination of the contract and loss of the booking

  • Once you have made your booking it will not be cancelled by the owner unless there is an exceptional circumstance beyond their control. You will be given notice as soon as possible and any payments made towards your holiday will be refunded.  Our liability for cancellation will be limited to payments made to us.

  • Only those listed on the booking form can occupy the property, therefore there should be no parties or events, we reserve the right to terminate the booking without notice and a refund will not be given due to a breach of this condition.

  • Bookings can not be excepted by anyone under the age of 18, proof of age and documents of who you are will be requested upon booking.

  • The Owner has the right to refuse a booking without giving an explanation.

  • If you do not arrive or otherwise are a "No Show" the booking will be deemed as a voluntary cancellation by you for your booking, therefore you will in this case not be eligible for a refund.

  • A Damage deposit of £200 will be charged when booking your stay with us, this will be refunded on the day of departure providing the property has not been damaged.

  • If for any reason you need to cancel your holiday and it's less than 30 days before it begins, then the entire amount of rent will be charged however, your damage deposit will be refundable.

  • We highly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy when booking your holiday with us, if for any reason you need to cancel your booking you would need to contact your insurance provider to check that you are covered.

  • Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to stay at The Tower, it is not because we don't love our furry friends but because we want our accommodation to be 'safe' for those who suffer from allergies. 

  • We know you are here to have a lovely relaxing holiday, but we would really appreciate it if you can tidy as you go and make sure the rental is left in a reasonably clean state when leaving. I know this is something we all hate doing but we would really appreciate it. If the property is left in an unacceptable state, however, there will be a 'deep cleaning' fee billed to you to cover the costs of getting the accommodation back to its original condition.

  • Nothing is allowed to be taken from The Tower unless it is a gift from us, which includes such items as towels, toiletries, bathrobes, and so forth. Sadly if anything is missing then you will be charged to replace such items.

  • If there is damage to the accommodation or items and it is not accidental damage of a minor nature, there will be a charge which must be notified and paid for immediately prior to your departure, otherwise you will loose your deposit.  We would appreciate it if you could notify us immediately in order to repair or replace the damaged items for our next guests.

  • The Tower has complimentary Wifi available for you to use in an appropriate way only. When connecting to our wireless network you are agreeing to abide by our policy which includes users being prohibited from using the network for any of the following; illegal/criminal activity, spam, threats, security violations, or offensive material.

  • The Tower is a non-smoking accommodation, that includes any kind of smoking devices such as vaping etc., we do however have a smoking box outside attached to the side of the house for you to put cigarettes' butts in. Failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate termination of occupancy or forfeiture of all payments, if you do not follow the rules then any damage or extra cleaning caused by smoking will be at your expense.

  • Please leave your muddy shoes downstairs by the door, this will help keep the accommodation cleaner.

  • The client under no circumstances has the right to re-let or sublet the property, even free of charge.

  • You will have use of Alexa and two great smart TVs however, we will expect you to respect the local businesses and neighbors by keeping the noise levels to a minimum, especially during the hours of 11 pm and 8 am.

  • This property is own home and privately owned so we expect all guests to enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own house.

  • If there is a need for a complaint then we ask that you notify us immediately, this gives us the opportunity to rectify the situation. Please note that we reserve the right to respond or deal with any complaint if we have not been notified  during the time you are staying with us.

  • There is a digital permit that you can use so you can park your car at Butt Lane carpark, which is allocated just across the road from The Tower. Please understand that the vehicle will be left at the owner's risk, including any contents. The Tower therefore will not be responsible for any damage to the vehicle or its contents. 

  • You will have 7 days to claim any personal items that may have been left at The Tower, we will not be held responsible for any loss of guests' personal property, therefore it is the guests' responsibility to ensure that all their personal belongings are checked before departure from The Tower.  if any guests would like any of their found items returned to them after they have departed then they will be returned to them at their expense.

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