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Accessibility Guide

 The Tower is a Grade II listed building that is split over three floors and measures a total floor space of 28.79 sq. m. (310 sq. ft.). 

Art Deco Lounge
Kitchen Floor Plan
Ground floor kitchen
Ground Floor Bathroom


  • Width of front door 84cm 

  • Height of kitchen work top 88cm

  • Height of Light Switch 117cm

  • Height of ceiling 200cm

  • Width of kitchen staircase 72cm

  • The total size of kitchen 1.78m x 2.82m


  • ​​Bathroom door width 81cm

  • Width of Shower cubicle 80cm

  • Height of wall cabinet 140cm

  • Height of ceiling 200cm

Lounge Floor Plan
Art Deco Lounge

  • 11 steps up to the lounge

  • Height of Sofa 41cm

  • Height of window ledge 52cm

  • Height of coffee table 50cm

  • Height of side table 61cm

  • Hight of ceiling 200cm

  • The total size of lounge 2.49m x 3.78m

  • Width of lounge entrance leading to the bedroom 71cm


Bedroom Floor Plan
Loft Style Bedroom


  • 11 steps to the bedroom

  • Width of entrance 73cm

  • Space to left of bed 53cm

  • Space to right of bed 47cm

  • Space at the end of the bed 81cm

  • Height of bedside units 113cm

  • Height of window seal 60cm

  • Height of ceiling at highest point 235cm

  • Height of ceiling at lowest point 164cm

  • The total size of bedroom 2.49m x 3.78m


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